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Cards send to RPK

Posted on: September 28, 2008

Send three cards to RPK, didn’t know if he could received it. Hope he did.

Card no 1;

Card no 2; Hari Raya Card

Card No 3 ; Happy Birthday Card

San Jiun draws on the card while i think of the text. Am going to send more, to fill his time with comfort and supports!!!


2 Responses to "Cards send to RPK"

Hi Sam! Am Joo’s gf, I somehow found your blog while surfing other blogs. Joo and I signed a card for RPK too, will ask joo to send it to him soon. Yes, i agree that we should keep sending him more of our encouragement and support. We should also get more people to join in the support for our hero in our little way.

Do keep blogging.

Hi Angie, good to hear from you. Let us all floods Kamunting with our cards and letters!!! I’m going to send more soon, but have to print out the vigil night photos and used it to make a card.

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