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Posted on: October 2, 2008

Yesterday i’ve received my “I am with RPK” t-shirt from Mr Yeak. According to Mr yeak who attend our your PM Open House, he did shake hand with Pak Lah, but our your beloved PM was like sleep standing, or sleeping stand, or sleeping standing, although he was wearing the shirt with the big message “I AM WITH RPK”, surprisingly Pak Lah didn’t notice, well because he was asleep or half sleep, but one thing for sure, absolutely no eye contact. so he move on, next in line was Najib, well Najib was full of smile, very well awake, when he shake his hand, Najib was taken aback. I think maybe Najib saw I AM WITH RPK. Haha. Thank you again for distributing the shirt to me.

Well, if you know me well enough, then you guess me right. Change to my new shirt and do my shopping straight away!!

I’m going to get the other design “Free RPK” from Mr Yeak again. Anyone who stay around Kajang can order and i’ll take for you. That’s it for now, going to shop more with my new shirt!!


1 Response to "I AM WITH RPK T-SHIRT"

i won’t be surprise pak lah didn’t notice.
his is a master sifu in SLEEPING and he was showing his one of his skill in HIGHEST LEVEL of SLEEPING… as an entertainment for the guest in his open house.

probably he not only can stand sleep, maybe he can oso walk sleep, eat sleep, sit sleep, toilet sleep, driving sleep…

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