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Peaceful vigil turns into battleground by FRU

Posted on: November 10, 2008

Yesterday, as usual i drove to PJ for the weekly candle vigil to call for an end to ISA as well as release all the ISA detainees. Around 7.30pm, i arrived at the junction to Amcorp Mall, but police had set up roadblock and directs all cars to turn, so i was forced to turn around and try to get there from Jalan Gasing, only then i realized that the police had roadblocks all over PJ, blocking cars to the field in front of Amcorp Mall. I then parked my car near MBPJ building and walked there. Apparently the police didn’t stops me going there but i saw them questioning those who wore FREE RPK/I AM WITH RPK shirt.

Many had gathered at the field. Angela told us that the police had asked us to disperse because we didn’t have permit to gather at the PUBLIC PARK. The police also said we need to be at a closed area, not OPEN AREA. The turnout was very good, even with roadblocks closing all the roads for cars, a few hundreds managed to walk there and gathered in front of the Amcorp Mall at the car park. By 9pm, FRU has lined up and pushed the peoples into the mall.

Haris Ibrahim was with the crowd and we gathered at the Starbucks in Amcorp Mall. After some words by Haris we sang Negaraku and then we dispersed. It was almost 10pm now, most have not had enough, because we didn’t really have the time to light our candles, worst still we were terrified by the FRU with their RUDE behavior. Then Sunny came and asked me to take an interview, by the time i finished, the crowd has moved on. I stay in the A&W for a while before i rushed to MBPJ building after Rakyat@work infrom me of the gathering there. Apparently the people has made way there. On my way, a few people were running back at my direction saying that the FRU were arresting people without warning.

The video below shows exactly when the police came in to arrest the people. Malaysiakini reported that selangor Police Chief Khalid Abu Bakar DENIED that the arrest was made when the crowd was singing NEGARAKU, but the video proof otherwise.

Another video below shows the condition of those arrested to the PJ police station.

A few YBs were arrested including Ronnie Liu, Tony Pua and Lau Weng San. A total of 24 people was arrested including our Seremban vigil organizer Angela Ooi, a Priest, MBPJ Councillor Ms Tew Way keng also arrested in front of MBPJ BUILDING !!!

From Lau Weng San blog on his arrest;

LWS arrested! (updated version)

(From PJ IPD via HTC Touch)

I was arrested by police in front of MBPJ. Hit twice at the face. The second punch hurts my lips and it’s bleeding, also a few scratches on my face. The riot police marched in to disperse the crowd without any warning.

As elected rep, I went forward to the first truck and would like to access the situation. I was scolded off in a very rude way and was chasen away by them. I repeatedly told them that I merely wanted to know who were arrested. I was scolded off again and I told the plainclothes to be polite.

Then I was dragged into the truck while punch twice at my face. The police officers applied some yellow lotion on my wounds to avoid the breeding. I manage to recognise the plaincloth who beat me. I will lodge a police report against the injuries. Ronnie and I saw him in the police station just now and Ronnie went forward to ‘interogate’ him, asking him about his name. He refused to give but thank God I can recognise him even he is reduced to ashes.

From Tony Pua;


Was at the candlelight vigil against ISA as well as to commemorate the first anniversary of BERSIH gathering. the story you can read from Malaysiakini.
I was arrested while seeking out Ronnie Liu and the senior police officers in charge to make sure that everyone is ok.
the CPO Selangor issued the call to arrest me, and 2 guys came over to grab one arm each and pushed me towards the Black Maria.
I stated that I will walk, don’t be rough but they tore my shirt instead. I repeated my call and 3 other police officers came at me, one with the knees into my belly while another attempted to kick my shin.
They then chucked me against the back of the Black Maria truck and shoved me up despite me stating that I can climb myself.
Apparently after waiting some 2 hours plus, it appears that they are going to keep us for the night here, and charge us tomorrow.
Weng San was also assaulted and had major bruises and some bleeding on the face. He saw the police who assaulted him here at the station, and Ronnie confronted him for his name. he appeared shaken by the demand and he refused to give his name and gave insted some very rude retorts.
Will update if I have sufficient battery. We are in good spirits and the lawyers have just been allowed in. So don’t worry guys and gals 🙂
Ah, and yes, its my first time. Not at all glamourous. 🙂

i found another video from Chin Huat’s blog;

This is something really stupid, peaceful vigil turns into battleground by the FRU. The people has gathered there for 4 weeks, yesterday was the fifth, nothing bad happens until the police turn in. We call ourself a democratic country, yet we have stupid laws that requires people to apply for permit to gather at PUBLIC PLACES. Next time if you have Qi gong class at park with more than 4 person remember to apply for a permit, else that’s call ILLEGAL. Also, next Mooncake Festival, if you intend to light and walk with your tanglung on the road, remember to apply for permit, else it is ILLEGAL. Also, don’t talk/chat with your friends (5 person and above) on the road, coz this is also illegal unless you have permit. Just ignore your friends better still warn them, because they don’t stand up for their rights, now that they have lost it so they have to behave like dogs, confined to their cage only. ok? Remember, either you stand up for your rights now, or you behave like dogs later. As i do not want to be a dog, i’ll be there PJ, again next Sunday 8pm, be it storm, rain or police, I WILL BE THERE FOR MY RIGHTS.

From around the blogs; Sivin Kit, Anilnetto, Chin Huat, san jiun


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Hi Sam,
Nice to know you’re ok. Surely its an experiece one would not forget. Take it in good light and we’ll learn something out of it all. Be strong, steadfast. We need to press on like haris said:
We have not lost but a warning to the evil doers, the rakyat will not back down!!
Sleep well.

[…] KKitSam says: … i realized that the police had roadblocks all over PJ, blocking cars to the field in front of Amcorp Mall. I then parked my car near MBPJ building and walked there. Apparently the police didn’t stops me going there but i saw them questioning those who wore FREE RPK/I AM WITH RPK shirt. […]

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