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Posted on: November 28, 2008

Remember the Shift the Goal Post tactic? Well yes the FIFA has declared THAT’S ILLEGAL!!! Not only that, Malaysia has just scored an own goal!!!

Yes! The judge was late again. Session started at around 10:30am. Pete was given the honour to warm up the dock seat. The judge delivered his judgement agreeing with the defense that the transfer of this case to his court was unconstitutional. Therefore, this case is fixed to be heard in a magistrate court on Dec 15th. (The Whisperer)

Well now let’s see if they will move the goal post yet again. It’s illegal but this is Bolehland, the land where everything is BOLEH (can), immigration record CAN (Boleh) be erased, C4 Bombing and get away also CAN (Boleh), Arrest without Trial also CAN (Boleh), PRO-ISA CAN (Boleh), Corruption CANnot la but Money Politics CAN, 4D politics also CAN, in short there’s nothing that Cannot be done in Bolehland as long as the Bolehland Nation (BN) in power.


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