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love is in the air

Posted on: November 30, 2008

It’s year end, and this is the time i’m bombeb with wedding invitations, but it’s really good to share their happiest moment with them.

Last Saturday at Ipoh; Lawrence & Lai Fun‘s Wedding!!!


Never been to Ipoh before, whats more driving there, so many roundabouts, just pening!!! but once i find my way to the Syuen Hotel, aiya actually it’s quite easy la. My first reaction when i saw Lai Fun was like wah lao eh, she slim down so so much that she looks so diferent, ah must be the power of love.


Only at the dinner did Lawrence asked us to be the bro’s and sis’s for Lai fun’s 出嫁 the next day.


Lawrence got his wife the next day, but not before we the Bro’s in tense fight with the Sis’s who insist on getting a big Ang Pow


The 姐妹 (sis) sharing their loot. Yes both the two guys also Sis.


and last Friday, it was Boon San & Pui See‘s turn at Imbi palace KL;


The Couple of the night;


Everyone was really happy, and it’s kind of a reunion for most of us, who hails from ukm/CGAT/MGI.


cimg3708_edit Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaam Shiiing!!!!

never drink so much before, i guess we finished at 7 bottles of red wine at my table alone. cimg3713_edit

Ladies of the night


and the gentlemen


Pui See, San Jiun, Boon San & me

and of course they can’t get away without this;



2 Responses to "love is in the air"

“…The 姐妹 (sis) sharing their loot. …”

Hello~~~ we fought very hard you know!!!

“….never drink so much before, i guess we finished at 7 bottles of red wine at my table alone….”

I guess we all spend too much time in lab and developed “70% disinfection ethanol” syndrom.

Since we can tahan 70% ethanol, so the red wine was not a big deal lah!

haha we are at least 70% ethanol tolerance. tats why no one gets drunk

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