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Lower Crime Rates???

Posted on: December 3, 2008

Few days ago, our PM in future said our crime rates is lower compared to countries like HK & Japan. Before i can digest this “fact”, yesterday my housemate Chin I.S was ROBBED. and of all the places, it happened on a MINI BUS!!!

He board the mini bus from Kajang town, and before the bus moved 5-6 MALAYSIAN MALAY jumped in and pushed my friend towards the back. As the bus was moving, the 5-6 YOUTH took out broken glass bottles and threaten him as well as a few other foreigners at the back. He have to hand over his wallet & handphone to them. According to Chin, they seems to be under the influence of drugs or alcohols. In all, he lost RM 60 plus, his driving license, ATM cards and hand phone.

So we are safer than HK & Japan???? Dear DPM najib, you have lost ground with the people. The people do not feel safe on the ground anymore, and you hypocrite said we are safer than HK & Japan! Ptui!!!


1 Response to "Lower Crime Rates???"

ask him walk around PJ, JB and KL without having body guard. Let him kena snatch!!!! that would give him an idea!!! banana!

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