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Posted on: December 11, 2008

Well well well, PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi CONFIRMED that he/government has NO PLAN TO ABOLISH OR AMEND THE DRACONIAN LAW INTERNAL SECURITY ACT (ISA). Before the announcement, a few politicians from MCA, Gerakan and PPP has called for the amendment of the law. To top it up, PPP President Kayveas said that if the government DID NOT ABOLISH the ISA before next March, the party PPP WILL PULL OUT FROM BN. At the press conference, when PM Abdullah was asked about PPP’s intention to withdrawn from BN, he answered that IT’S PPP’s CHOICE. so now Mr Kayveas, where art thou? What are you waiting for, you have been slap in the face, are you waiting to be booted out?

Also, last time in the parliament when the Pakatan Rakyat went all out to get the MPs signature to asked the house to debate on the ISA, NONE MCA, NONE MIC NONE GERAKAN plus NONE but one BN MPs signed, they even claimed that the debate is a waste of time and they can discuss it in the cabinet. Even during the MCA party election, many WON CANDIDATES claimed to be against the ISA and will asked for the amendment of the law. so what is your view on this now? Your BN President said NO PLAN TO ABOLISH OR AMEND the ISA. It’s either YOU ALL BN COMPONENT PARTY LIED TO THE PEOPLE or your President DON’T EVEN BOTHER ABOUT YOUR PARTY’s VIEW. So what now? DIAM DIAM and hope the people will forget about what you all have said? while Kayveas is waiting for Abdullah to boot him out, you all MCA, MIC, GERAKAN is waiting for the people to BOOT YOU ALL OUT!!!!


2 Responses to "SLAP IN THE FACE"

BN is not about MIC, MCA, GERAKAN, or etc etc…
BN is only about UMNO.

Pak lah is making MCA a biggest fool of the century now!
Hey, where is the MCA president that “claimed” to be “dare to talk, dare to change” huh?
Remember what he said in his “advertisement”?
He wants changes, reform…..etc.

Now what?
Diam diam already?

aiya ong tee keat was smack in the head, so now pening pening a bit, maybe later on he will respond, but don’t think there will be anything surprising.

but i remember, er what his name de,…the praying mantis le… ar koh tsu koon, yes i saw him with the PM with his smiling face when the PM said NO abolish or amending the ISA. but also have no faith in this bug la.

as of kayveas, huh even his own party also abandon him, no eyes see la. but that has always been the BN culture wat, nothing new.

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