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Perfect 10!!!

Posted on: December 15, 2008

Yes PERFECT 10!!! Our PJ Candlelight vigil has been going for TEN CONSECUTIVE WEEKS, that is truly remarkable. This week i’m going to write something different from my usual report. Since my record is 10 out of 10 vigil, i believe i am able to put a few facts about our vigil from the days when we first started it at Padang Timur in front Amcorp Mall to MBPJ Civic Centre.

HOST: The PJ candlelight vigil is organized by bloggers & Malaysia Today supporters. Many misunderstood that this is organized by the Pakatan Rakyat or any political parties, but NO it isn’t. However, we do welcome anyone who shared our vision to join us, no matter it’s NGO or any political parties.

REASON: The main reason is to call for the abolishment of ISA as well as to release all the ISA detainees who were arrested and detained without any EVIDENCE. Well first, we started out when the government run out of control and arrest anyone who opposed their wrongdoings, it heightens with the arrest of RPK, Teresa Kok & Miss Tan (the SinChew journalist who report on Ahmad Ismail infamous PENDATANG ISSUE). That was when the prominent bloggers like Haris Ibrahim & Bernard Khoo aka Zorro called for the people to make a stand against the government’s act. I believe it started from the night of 27 Sept 08, when we gathered at the Dataran Merdeka, and since then, we decided to continue it weekly. Thus the PJ candlelight vigil was born against the wrongful detention under ISA.

VENUE : First it was held at the Padang Timur in front of the Amcorp Mall, until the 5th week, when it clashed with the BERSIH 1st Year anniversary which the police cordoned off the area, blocking virtually every entry. The following week, we moved the vigil into the MBPJ Civic Centre and stays there until now.

LEGAL ??? : This is up for argument. Under the Constitution, we were guaranteed the rights to demonstrate peacefully. However, we also have laws that calls for the need for a police permit for gathering for more than 2 person in an open area. So, our gathering in Padang Timur ala NTV7 Tai Chi advertisement is considered ILLEGAL. Gathered at park also call illegal gathering, utterly non sense!

However, since we have moved to MBPJ Civic Centre, our helpful councilor Richard Yeoh managed to get us a police permit for our PJ Candlelight vigil. so now, WE HAVE A POLICE PERMIT, so why the afraid, come and join us.


1) Since this is organized by the rakyat and not any organization, it managed to go on for 10 consecutive weeks without fail. Believe me, to be able to make this a weekly event, and have average of 150 people weekly from all walks of life, it’s really amazing. We have gone through heavy rain, police and FRU harassment, but we persevere! I cannot imagine any political parties can do this weekly by just depending only on the supports from ordinary people.

2) The Best moment is of course when we were able to see Raja Petra Kamarudin walks out from the ISA. I’m not trying to take any credits away from RPK’s team of lawyers which includes Malik Imtiaz, Haris Ibrahim, Candra ….all brilliant individuals, but i truly believe that it was the people, the rakyat’s voices that reached the government and the Judiciary. The emergence of groups like PRO ISA only strengthen the truth that we have made a big voice around the country that sends the shivers down the government’s spine.

3) This is worth a Guiness Book of Record; The police and FRU charged at the crowd who was singing the national anthem. To say we sing Negaraku just to save ourself is totally BULLSHIT. The national anthem was almost done, yet the police and FRU cannot wait for another 10 seconds for it to end before arrest the peaceful crowd.

4) From November till December 2008, a total of 17 ISA detainees has been RELEASED. Again, i really believe that this is the credit to all bravehearts who make a stand against the ISA.

5)Since we first started to fight for RPK and all the ISA detainees, we have delved into making a new generation of ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA who don’t look into each others race or religion. Not only the ISA, we have also managed to go to the Hindu temple when we heard that they were told by the police that they can’t PRAY in the temple for the Hindraf 5.We have also seen people talks about JERIT, who is cycling around the country to hand memorandums to the leaders around the country. so in all, we have becomes ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA who is conscious socio politics and cares for each other’s wellbeing.

This week’s photos;


Richard showed us an advertisement from The Sun which says; CHANGE HAPPENS WHEN YOU MAKE A STAND. Yes we are all anticipating the change to a better Malaysia. That of course will happens starting from this bunch of ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA!!!


Bernard emceed yesterday, and he acknowledge the first timer who joined us yesterday.

Someone asked “What is the Pakatan Rakyat doing, when we were fighting here, what are they doing? Why don’t they come?”

Well sir, we don’t really need Pakatan. If we want to change, it is we the Rakyat that is going to start the change. Pakatan get into power because we the rakyat wants to change, so in the end whatever changes that we want, it’s still entirely up to the people, the ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA. Another is, we don’t give or depends so much on any political party, it should be PEOPLE’S POWER, don’t breed another powerful party that we can’t control. We vote them in, we told them what to do, not the other way.


Pat Lu encourage the parents to come and fight for the next generation, just like what the older generation have done. Also, we need to encourage the young to take note of politics, to know what is happening in the country.


Husband & Wife, Lita and her husband Stephen who come all the way from Singapore!


The BN government instill the FEAR factor in us. They told that we survived the terrorist attacks because we have the ISA, look at Mumbai, we didn’t have that sort of attacks because we have the ISA, so said the government, but believe me, even if one day we have NO more terrorist, we still have the Fear in us because that’s exactly what the government wants.


Aloysius shared the same sentiment about the Fear factor.


Eric & James shared some of their thoughts.


I believe many have heard about JERIT right. Just to remind that this week they will be coming to Selangor, so please check on their route and if possible, give them your supports.


Before that, Haris also talk on the recent released of the few ISA detainees. Someone asked him whether those released should give a press statement whether they really repent, or that their arrest was wrongful. To Haris, it was us, the people who should apologize to them, because we abandon them, they were arrested without a shred of evidence, but we trust the government and label them as terrorist blindly. They were released with conditions that they don’t go to the public, so we don’t expect them to come forward, be fair to them, they have been arrested for so long, they must have treasure their freedom more, and we can’t be so unfair to them that just to clear our doubts we asked them to come forward and risk being detained again.

Read more; san jiun (mandarin), Lita, Delcapo,


7 Responses to "Perfect 10!!!"

Hey I liked your write up and the pictures you posted. Thanks for the mention. Will link you al later after I read through the blogs. Mondays always very busy for me plus Stephen is here too! 😉

Anyway, your quiet dedication and team work with San Jiun is a force to be reckoned with! Keep it up, dear! 🙂

great one! well, 10 time aka weeks is not easy … but we made it!

Lita thanx for d support. Hope you have a great time with Stephen 🙂

Yup we have made it Jarod, together all of us are a force to be reckon!!!


Iregard you as one of my siblings!!!

Kak laila

Oh Kak Laila, that’s really an honour!!!

Hey Sam!
Waaaaah, dun play play! Keep up the good work!

BTW, all vigils since the 6th are LEGAL with police permits. Please help to spread the word. I’ve created an image under comment #1 at

See you this Sunday! 😀


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