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In memoirs of Shukree

Posted on: December 24, 2008


Last Sunday’s PJ Malam Mesra Rakyat was in memoirs of Shuree, one brave young man who dedicated much of his life fighting  along with the Rakyat to make Malaysia a better country.


Rahmat dedicated a poem to Shukree, one of the phrase catch Haris’s attention; “Kenapa dah pergi baru peduli” and this reminds him of the lack of attention for those who are around.

Also, we had john Khoo flying all the way from Australia;


I’m moved by RPK and Haris Ibrahim, they are the reason i fly all the way back, even after 40 years away from this country, i’m deeply touched by the efforts to make this a better country.

Not only that, he brought us some early christmas present;

cimg4037_edit some chocolates that we shared around, so who said this gathering need a police permit when all the people were colour blind, all Anak Bangsa Malaysia treating everyone as Malaysian. Do we need a permit for this? (but we did have a permit sigh…)


This gathering has becomes to a Speaker’s corner, and many took the chance to dedicate poem or some words to Shukree.

Not to forget that Christmas is coming, Sivin Kit had his guitar along;

cimg4050_edit and we all sing together; O Holy Night


After that;


RPK also have some words for Shukree whom he last met at the Bar Council during the forum No To ISA. ” I asked him how he come, he said he borrowed RM20 from his sister to come to the Bar Council and he will think of a way to go back, that’s when i gave him RM100, i wish i could gave him more but i  myself was not rich. Then we (MT) gave him a job to cover the coming Kuala Terengganu by election. That was Shukree, he choose to be with  the people, he doesn’t care about money.”

Some of the pictures were taken by Pat Lu;



3 Responses to "In memoirs of Shukree"

You really pay attention to the speakers! That’s a great feat! I walk around so much that I sometimes miss what they say. Thanks to Pat Lu, I can catch what I miss. Must learn to sit down like you and San Jiun lah! 🙂

But sometimes i hope i can walk around and say hello to everyone!!! But at the same time, I want to share the speakers thought!!!

How I wish I have another CLONE of myself… LOL!

Blessed Christmas Sam and Sanjiun 🙂

No need to clone. 😀 Great “Barisan Rakyat” Team we have here to compliment each other. I thank God for both of you “reporters”, including Benz, Danny, Duke Lita and Mark… the ones I’ve had the sheer pleasure of meeting and reading your blogs. 🙂

Please feel free to share PJ Vigils pictures at and videos at with the world!

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