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PJ vigil ends in 10mins

Posted on: January 11, 2009

As usual, attend the PJ candlelight vigil to call for the abolishment of ISA. Today however, it ends within 10mins as the police and FRU came and ordered us to leave.


Delcapo lead us tonight, and he shared some message from Haris who heads back to Kuala Terengganu today. James also spoke but have to cut short his message as the police were already coming in big numbers. There is just a little more than 50 of us while the police far outnumbers us, plus there were also FRUs coming in.


The chief police for PJ announced that our gathering was illegal, and ordered us to disperse or else they’ll arrest us. Delcapo negotiated and was granted a few more minutes for us to end our day with the usual Negaraku singing. Everyone left the place soon after and no one was arrested.

Now, the questions are;

Isn’t we were already inside a closed area, why then do we need a permit?

If our gathering is illegal, why PRO ISA gathering isn’t? Whats more when they do it by the roadside, and they we even caught in the act kicked a women who disagree with them?

If the anti ISA as well as anti war vigil last night was illegal, and with Charles Santiago and a few arrested, WHY MAHATHIR & MUKHRIZ was not arrested when they do a similar gathering?

If this is not DOUBLE STANDARD then what is?

Read More from fellow Anak Bangsa Malaysia : San Jiun (mandarin), Estrelita, Anilnetto, Delcapo, Jelas,


SB at work


Photos below taken by Pat Lu (Thanks for your weekly Great effort)



While we were singing Negaraku patrioticly the SB photograpers busy snaping our pictures (why should i care, i am singing our national anthem take my picture la, in fact have been here since day one, you have a pile of pictures d, a wastage of tax payers money.)


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Sorry not to haver asked for your pics beforehand. I curi two from you! 🙂 Buy you teh tarik next week okay!!!

Love and peace! Lita

We will request MBPJ, MPs and ADUNs and the Selangor State government for their response. They have given us permission to use said venue. Why did not they arrange for our security from intruders. We were there legally with the permission of the Selangor Govt authorities, based on our aims and objectives. WHY NO PROTECTION FOR ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA from Selangor and elsewhere, when we are standing for the ANTI-ISA position taken by the Selangor Pakatan State Govt and the Wakil-wakil Rakyat. Some answers must come forth.

it seems like Malaysia is now a police state run by politicians who use money, titles and contracts to control, intimidate and enforce without due respect to our constitutional rights, whilst the real crmininals are robbing, abducting and killing and roaming free.

Hi Lita, it’s ok, everything is free for sharing. it’s really hard to snap a good pic coz those MAFIAs stare at you whenever the camera was aiming at them.

Dear Aloysius, thank you for your continuing efforts in helping us. i believe they were furious with our petition to the Sultan Selangor complaining the CPO Selangor for his lies, and now they are chasing us, kinda like revenge.

Ls, believe it or not, everytime when i face the same situation, it kind of make me a stronger person. We don’t expect those EVIL can be defeated so easily right, make sure we come back stronger next sunday and we make another face off with them.

[…] blogs: – 110109 PJ Candlelight Vigil – We were Outnumbered – Full Moon and Full Force – PJ Vigil Ends in 10mins – Meanwhile, back in KT… <!– /* Font Definitions */ @font-face […]

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Article 10 (1B), Constitution of Malaysia

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