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Another show of PoWeR & Arrogance

Posted on: January 19, 2009

Yesterday’s PJ vigil was supposed to be a celebration, POT Luck style. I arrived at 8 after dinner with KKLim at restaurant nearby, and we bring along two boxes of mandarin oranges. By that time, many people has gathered and i have to say, all the people here never disappoint me, many still come even after last week’s show of power by the police, and many bring along foods and drinks. Kak Laila also came to celebrate with us.

If you miss yesterday’s vigil, here is some of the stuff we paraded on the floor for our Pot Luck.


Mandarin oranges (few boxes), KFC, Domino’s pizza, the big pot there is fried mee, cookies, cakes, haven’t include the loads of lemang brought back by our Barisan Rakyat team.


Around 8.20pm, our heroes & heroine came back from Kuala Terengganu in the blue van. Everyone rushed up to thank them, for all the hard works at KT.


By the time we get over with the excitement and joys accepting our Barisan Rakyat Bloggers back, i found that we were surrounded by the police. Yes, basically the police just sneaked in while were focusing on BR bloggers.


If weeks before, those SB were just taking pictures of participants, this week, the SB even took pictures of the foods & drinks (for what???), and he had to thank those police for guarding our food.

The police came in and again declared our gathering is ILLEGAL. We already have the permission to use place by MBPJ, so how can this be illegal? Peter called me up few days earlier asking whether we should apply for a permit, but in the end, we both agreed that we don’t need a permit. If we were to apply for a permit, that would be to held it at Padang Timur, because we were inside MBPJ there’s no reason for a permit. Why should we gave in when we fully understood that we didn’t break any law? and if granted with a permit, we were not allowed to light candles, so why gave them another reason to said we broke the law?

Heated arguments followed :


Haris, RPK, Zorro and co asked for the police for reasons, but the police NEVER listen, all they do is screaming through the loud hailer “THIS IS ILLEGAL, DISPERSE OR WE WILL USE FORCE”


We know we couldn’t reason out with those stone who would never listen to us, we pack back our food and drinks, even then, they declared we have another 30 seconds before they come at us. This is just another show of their power and arrogance towards we peaceful people.


We regroup at the Lotus and begin paraded back our food and drinks while the police were still watchful every of our move, like we are criminals.


Haris busy open up the lemang.


and we learn another way to get the lemang, by shaking it “shake it, shake it”


Before this, the government proposed to have experts to help the people on race and religions, but all the government have to do is actually to do what we all do. Everyone of us were so close like a big family, where is race? Where is religion? Never once did we mention it nor care about it. If unity is what the government seek, look no where else, it’s here, right on this land, the people of Malaysia have already unite, the only thing that stirs it was the faked relations between BN, MCA and MIC. The way to unite the people is LESS politicize, don’t campur tangan in the people and we’ll get along very well.



Apparently, the police is still not satisfied with chasing us out, they send some traffic police and begin dishing out SAMAN ticket to cars parked by the roadside beside Lotus. We alarmed car owners before they were issued with the ticket, and eventually the police can only stare at us:


Do we care? NO, we continue to enjoy our food!!



If you missed yesterday’s Pot Luck, you miss a lot of warm shown by more than 100 of us, although the police came and show off their power but there’s nothing that can put us down, our spirit and most importantly the true warm expression shown by everyone, the true Muhibah spirit by the true Malaysian.

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20 Responses to "Another show of PoWeR & Arrogance"

I dont think I miss a thing. 😀
Your pictures paint a thousand words.

What I can see is fellowship, in aman damai spirit.
What I can also see is bullyship (I coin this word), in the typical kiasu, arrogant spirit.
And where did the bullyship came from? Your guess is as good as mine.

Thank you good rakyat who were there last night. You all did great.

wasting public money! if they spend their time chasing mat rempit, maybe another one or two victims might have been save!

KIT, an excellent posting. Thank You.

My o my… so many good food… Great cover up man!! Sb can go home d …

Every one of you deserves a great big hug for being such exemplary Malaysians. The braindead homo minister deserves to be tarred & feathered. Party pooper! 😦

UMNO and BN never get the message through their thick head that once you lost your credibility and integrity it is very difficult to regain it. Basically those who brandish the kris. made racists remarks have no place in the leadership of this country. This include Bahdawi (talk only), Najib, Hashimudin, Nasri, Albar and all those goons including 2 muhamad, ali rustam whose talk revealed their stupidty and reinforce their quality which only indicate them unfit for public office especially leading the country.

If BN want to revive their (?)fortune, the present crop of leaders must go as they have lost the credibiliity and trust of the people

The KT byelection won by PR is the Beginning of the End for UMNO & BN

PR and BR is getting more popular and it is gaining momentum.
No doubt the langkah pertama slow sikit, but once it starts gaining momentum, nothing can stop it.

Next will be the fall of Taib in Sarawak as the KT byelection has given Sarawakians more confidence and that Sarawak is PR’s Grand Trophy that will lead them to Putra Jaya.

Thank you, Dr.M, at least you resign after 22 yrs and now I hope you live until 100 so that you can see all your arrogance and wrongdoings being exposed one by one. Luckily you didn’t stay on like Samy or Taib or else we wont be having a new Government soon.

You also brainwash and mold two generations into narrow minded racist bigots who believe in race supremacy through your lies and more lies with the help of your cronies controlled MSM.

I do not want to say anything bad today. However, here is a Chinese greeting, May the fleas of a thousand cats infest the private parts of anyone who messed up our lives last year and may their hands be too short to scratch.

Happy Chinese New Year to all the people who celebrate CNY.

Happy Chinese New Year to all people who want to celebrate CNY.

Now, UMNO & BN go and die together.

It’s these high handedness of our nation’s “security forces/police” that causes resentment of the people. Instead of soving our ever bludgeoning crime rates, they choose to harass peaceful gatherings of Malaysians. Of course it is much easier and safer to harass small peaceful gatherings than going after criminals – especially if they are cowards and not committed to their responsibilities as protectors of the people!

Those present at such gatherings should discretely record/video tape all such unruly behaviour by our so called “security forces/police” and upload them onto Youtube for the public to judge.

When the public are disgusted, they will voice their concern through the ballot boxes – as they had done at PP and KT.

We’ll teach this PDRM dogs a lesson once the BN govt falls. >-(

no easy job for da polis these days ya
some of them may empathize with da rakyat
but got to ikut perintah dari atas
kena threatened kalau u tak ikut perintah
no naik gaji or worse no kerja
isteri anak ibu bapak tunggu nasi di atas meja
i memang tak buat begini sengaja
beribu-ribu minta maaf ya …

I was there. I missed the food. I thought everything was cancelled because FRU was marching and shouting on the road.

As usual, am disgusted with the police. Why are they getting paid by the citizens to do this, I wonder.

I pointed RPK to your posting….it is now under Scrapbook…congrats.

Hi Zorro, thanks, good to have more people to see this, so many peaceful people comes to celebrate (isn’t this good social integration) but meet up with whipping dogs. sigh. but anyhow we did enjoy rite.

Dear Jarod & Wave33, don’t worry there’s always the next Sunday, we ain’t chicken rite!!!

Yes we did unite very well, unlike “they” just pretend to be united and yet try to stir and stir on our unity. I love the particular paragraph on unity so much, it is just too beautiful and lovely!

[…] Another show of PoWeR & Arrogance Yesterday’s PJ vigil was supposed to be a celebration, POT Luck style. I arrived at 8 after dinner with KKLim at […] […]

Seriously, you guys were just having a makan party like any other normal people would do.. and the police has to be there to disturb.

WHY on earth they just DON’T mobilize such man power and force to track down the almost daily theft, daylight robbery, hurting people using parang and knife in my neighbourhood!!! So, robbery is legal? So they don’t have to do anything about it??

Dear gina, apparently the police thought our chicken wing pose more danger than criminals do. Or, the police thought we were peace loving people who is too weak and need the full force protection, their numbers can easily overpower our 150-200 people.

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