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All 21 ISA vigilers was bailed out

Posted on: January 23, 2009

This morning at the PJ Court, our 21 ISA vigilers were charged by the police for illegal gathering and failed to disperse after given orders by the police. All 21 plead Not Guilty and all was bail out.

Scenes from the breakfast :


Head to the Court soon after;


Before the group photo, RPK spotted a piece of rubbish which he confiscated away and Zorro subsequently thrown it at the floor (this is what that rubbish should be treated).


There’s too many people that my camera couldn’t get all in (even more is people not in the picture)


Father O.C.Lim also came to support Father Paulino who was charged.


The trial starts quite late, and with the Chinese New Year sunshine, everyone was exhausted waiting outside. The situation is the same inside the Court room, all packs like sardines. Many came to support the 21. All the 21 plead Not Guilty and bail was set at RM 1500 one surety and hearing was scheduled at 10 March 09. I left the place at 12.30p, after hearing that all will be bail out.


4 Responses to "All 21 ISA vigilers was bailed out"

Always great photos and news from you. Good coverage for those that couldn’t make it. I had to work till 5.30 pm. 😦 Usually finish at 1.00 pm on Fridays and I planned to join you all.

Next time lah! 🙂

nice coeverage bro

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