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Time to move on

Posted on: February 6, 2009

Just a few days earlier, i thought no one can take over Samy Vellu as the No. 1 Public Enemy, how wrong i was. Gosh, just a week, Samy Vellu is not the No. 1 Public Enemy, he was emulated by a bitch Hee Yit Foong. I found it very funny when Hee blamed it on Lim Guan Eng as she turns into Independent MP who is BN friendly. Right from the start, from the way she defended her missing in action when it was rumoured that she will defect to the MCA, i already knew she cannot be trusted anymore. First, she was sick, then she blame it on Lim Guan Eng, then become Independent, and now BN friendly. How fast things has changed. After Saiful who sold his ass, i thought no one else would follow suit, damn i was wrong, again, there’s just people who would sold their soul to money.


Hee Yit Foong, you may have the millions by betraying the people’s trust, but you have LOST EVERYTHNG ELSE. WEALTH = MILLIONS OF RM, TRUST = 0, CONFIDENCE = 0, FREEDOM = 0, FUTURE POLITIC’AL CHANCE = 0. Not only that, Hee i believe even your children (if you have) have lost faith in you. and you have brings shame to your family, to think of your children’s future, gosh, i just pity them. If they are still schooling, gosh think of how embarrassing it is to them to have a mother like you.

(pic taken from The Star)

Hee Yit Foong, try go to the street, go and use your ill earn money. Do you even dare to come out? To the Jelapang folks, i hope you all will boycott her, don’t sell anything to her, don’t do business with her, DON’T ACCEPT HER EVIL MONIES!!! Chased her out from your shop if she even dare to come out, throw back the money she paid, whatever it is, just don’t accept her money. Until then, let us she how she can use her millions.

Found this in Malaysia Today’s comment;

Ok enough with that bitch. I’ve moved on, i hope Pakatan Rakyat will move on. Let use this as the perfect time to reflect upon the whole issue and party. First of all, it’s clear between BN and PR. Looking back at Anwar’s failed attempt on his 916 pledge, i think it’s clear, the power of $$$$$$$. How Najib can bribe those bastard to BN is clear, $$$ and power. Why all of a sudden so many defects to BN? If it’s not $$$ and power, what else. Najib can denied just like how he first denied meeting Saiful (after which he confessed he met him) but the perception is done. To the people, Najib bought them over with $$$. Najib might have won BN the Perak state at this moment, but let us see how many states will fall next election. The people is full of hatred against Najib and BN, and now, i believe Najib has put the final nail at BN’s coffin. Let us buried it next election. The picture below is what happens in Ipoh last night. Our next Prime Minister, my foot!!!! Ptui!!!

i think it’s best for Pakatan Rakyat to accept the evil truth that BN has taken back the Perak state. Hand it over to them, let they themselves fuck up the state again. The people will NEVER forget this episode. Concentrate on Sarawak. This might be the best time to get back another state, once Sarawak has fall, Sabah will follow suit.

To every Malaysian, i think this is also the best time to see the evil in those bastard. No. 1 running dog is now Koh Tsu Koon. I wants to vomit (but the fact was i spit at it) when i saw his statement, blame it on King of Frog Nasarudin for starting it first. Until now, Koh tsu koon is still “dogging” BN, not matter how bad or worst things can be, Koh tsu koon seems to be able to see the beauty in it. Ptui!!! Also, listen. Listen to the complete silence from the MCA and MIC. Remember them, come next election we will buried all of them together.

Finally, to the remaining 28 Pakatan Rakyat MPs who stay loyal to the people, THANK YOU, you have gain the people’s trust and we will remember how you all stay away from the Millions $$$ and power that was offered to you. THANK YOU AGAIN.

4 Responses to "Time to move on"

There is a sms circulate among Perakians, urging everyone not to do business/ selling anything to her. They wanna start a campaign called :


And some even circulate her hp no. through sms:
012-XX921XX 死月凤号.

i certainly didn’t expect things to turn out this way. though i’m not old enough to vote (yet) the malaysian politics has always interest me very much. i’m sad that the PR has lost perak less than a year after the march GE but yes, i believe this will always be remembered by perakians (and all malaysians). i believe by the next GE, PR would be able to win much more than 2008 because of this perak episode. looking at all the comments malaysians posted online, it seems that UMNO/ BN is heading for a great fall.

while hee yit foong may be guilty of betraying voters’ trust in her, lets not forget the other “kataks” too.

Well, as for Hee Yit Foong, wow… even an outdated, ageing, ugly and UNQUALIFIED auntie can still prostitute herself for RM15 million. DIVINE BROWN-Noser.

Someone made a website to MOURN for her, MOURN for M’sia democracy…

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